Building a 1-Product Dropshipping Store

Building A 1-Product Dropshipping Store

With low barriers to kick-start your online business, dropshipping is thriving these days. Even popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify facilitate dropshipping plugins, to allow people to start quickly and easily.

For most people, the dropshipping model is appealing because a single store can have an infinite supply of goods. While most stores have a long catalog, many smart businesses today run a 1-product dropshipping store.

What is a 1-product store?

A 1-product store sells only a single product. With 1-product dropshipping stores, you could refine your entire business around quality services and customer experience of selling that one product.

Consider Casper, a 1-product store that became a $555-million company overnight by selling a mattress-in-a-box. Another is Spanx, whose founder Sara Blakely lists among the youngest self- made female billionaires in the USA.

Why are 1-product stores better?

The biggest benefit of having a one-product dropshipping store is the focus it brings to your product. Customers won’t be distracted by a long catalog. Also, it shows your expertise in that particular niche. You are able to pay more attention to the quality of your product and effortlessly sustain excellent customer service.

Another benefit of niche stores is the strategies and methods you can use that market your product better. Moreover, the conversion rate of niche stores is higher than in general stores.

Some other benefits of 1-product dropshipping stores are:

  • Serve an under-served market in any desired niches.
  • Reach your target customers easier.
  • You can easily convert your product into a brand.
  • Analyzing information becomes super easy.

So if you want to set up your 1-product dropshipping store and dream to make big money, here is the step-by-step process to do so:

Step 1: Create a store

  • The fastest way to set up your dropshipping store is to use a simple e-commerce platform such as Shopify. To create an online store using Shopify, you don’t need to be a coding pro. With its easy-to-use and intuitive interface, you could create a fully functioning e-commerce store quickly.

Log on to the Shopify website and click on Get Started. Enter your email address, password, and your store name.


Click on Create your store.
Now, add products to your store. To do this, click on Products on the left-hand side.



Import the CSV file that lists your products.



When you’re done with adding products from Oberlo, navigate back to the products at the backend of your Shopify store. You should now see all the items you’ve added from Oberlo.

Once you have added products to the store, go back to the backend of the product of your store. Make sure you provide custom product descriptions for each product to make it stand unique.

Step 2: Use a simple theme like the Debut theme

Now move on to your store’s design. Choose a simple and clean Shopify theme, such as the Debut theme. You can easily get this free theme that caters to your needs and store’s style.

Click here to start with the Debut theme. Click on the Add Theme button.



Now, click on Customize theme to make desired changes in your theme.



Now you can add the logo to your store, and customize its settings as per your business requirements. You can also customize general settings, such as colors, font, social media, favicon, layout of the store, etc. Try out different options and choose the settings that work best for you.

Step 3: Get images for the store

Images play a vital role in the design of an e-commerce store. Fortunately, adding images to your Shopify store is very easy. You can either upload images from your computer or choose them from Shopify’s free stock photo tool.



Step 4: Install apps (loox / TriFunnels / etc)

Shopify offers a lot of tools and plugins that help with optimizations and conversions. In order to install apps to your Shopify store, click on Apps in the left-side menu.



Now, click on Visit the Shopify App Store on the right corner.



Choose the app you want to add to your store for the desired functionality.



Step 5: Use TriFunnels to create a 1 product store

If you have made this far, congratulations! Your one-product dropshipping store is nearly setup.

There are many dropshipping plugins available for Shopify stores, and TriFunnels is one of them. You can easily install the app to your Shopify store.

Log on to the official website of TriFunnels, and click on the Get button.



Now, choose either of the two plans – Billed Monthly or Billed Annually.




On the bottom, click on Register My Account Now



Enter the requested detail in the form and click on the Complete my purchase button.



You can also check out with PayPal.

Now, check your email ID to get your login details to TriFunnels. Use the login credentials to enter the website.

Click no, then Add Shop to add TriFunnels to your Shopify Store.



Enter your store’s URL and click the OK button.



Step 6: Link TriFunnels URL to the main website
Click on the LETS GO button, and on the following window, click on the Install unlisted app.



On the following window, click on the Hamburger button and then click on the 1 product store.



Select the product for which you want to create a 1-product dropshipping store and click on the CREATE button.



Then add the requested information for the product, such as header icon, header text, text size, and header logo. Now, click on the NEXT button and add Footer details such as footer logo, text, title and content. Next, you can choose to display the timer and quantity for the product.



Add the features of the product:



You can also choose whether you want to show social media icons on your one-product dropshipping store.



Keep following the steps as instructed until you reach Step 13: Color Picker. On this step, you can choose colors for various parts of the store.



Next, choose font pairing for your store:



Enter SEO details: Meta title and Meta description:



Next, enter the End of URL to create a URL for the product:



Step 7: Installing Pixel on TriFunnels store
To install Pixel, create a funnel, and click Save Funnel.



Now, click Funnel Custom Scripts and paste your Facebook Pixel in the Scripts for <HEAD> field.



Now go to Online Store > Preferences> Facebook Pixel


Paste your regular pixel in the given field. With this, you will be able to track the performance and activities on your 1-product dropshipping store.

Now start seeing traffic and sales to your site, indulge in your store’s marketing, and track your store’s metrics.

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